5 areas of mental wellbeing


Area 1 -Connect

  • Attend the drop in centre friends and family are welcome to
  • Share your story with others in our group and in the wider community


Area 2 -Be Active

  • Be part of a walking group to free your mind of worries get out and enjoy our beautiful countryside
  • Join the centre’s fitness class and get those endorphins filling your brain


Area 3- Keep learning

Sign up for our Courses

  • Resilience training
  • Confidence building
  • SMART goal setting


Area 4 – Give

  • Train to be a volunteer you have talents that you can develop and use for the good of others
  • Help us organise fundraising events to raise awareness of Mental Health in its different forms and the challenges people face on a daily basis


Area 5 -Take Notice

  • Come and learn Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques
  • Be creative in our Art sessions
  • Build relationships with other members in our board games activities