Who Are We?

C.A.L.M Community and Local Mental Health Project is a new community group which is run by people who have LIVED experience of mental health issues. We want to raise awareness in our community of how to recognise poor mental health in others and support those in our community who feel isolated and alone and unable to talk about how they feel for fear of being stigmatised and feeling hopeless. We are passionate about and committed to providing a place of Calm, somewhere you can come and talk to others who will understand and not judge. Our aims is to be a support network in our community and help people to feel their worth, improve their skills and abilities and build resilience.


We know from personal experience that often family members can feel overwhelmed having to watch their loved ones suffer poor mental health. We want to offer that support so families are welcome too. We have a full program of activities based on the 5 areas of mental health well-being.


PeopleEverything we do is about people you matter your life matters

Openness We are open and honest in our goals to raise the social profile of those suffering from poor mental health in our community

Safe – You can feel safe to be yourself and talk to people who understand and can empathise with your situation.  You can share your story and feel supported by people who have lived experience of poor mental health.  

IntegrityWe behave honestly in a way that demonstrates our values.  We are passionate about providing a place of C.A.L.M for those who feel isolated and are in distress because of mental health issues and their families

Trustworthy We will do what we say and provide and environment where you can talk to others about your daily struggles and be supported by your peers in overcoming your barriers and moving to a place where you can feel happier

Innovation We will explore ways to raise awareness of mental health in our community and in the workplace to contribute to reducing the stigma suffered by those with mental health issues.  You can be a part of this through our mental health awareness campaigns

Value   – We value you we value your opinion and contribution to our project.  You can be a valuable part of building this to what you need it to be.

Excellence – We strive to be the best mental health support group we can be we are passionate about making a difference.  Tell us what you think and how we can improve and we can achieve excellence together